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tv   BBC World News  PBS  May 9, 2012 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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>> i am in singapore. >> i am in london. a double agent. u.s. officials say that they would be bomber was working for the cia. it kofi annan want syria -- >> as time runs out to form a coalition in greece, the left wing block appeals to other parties to end austerity. in the north of england that men have been accused of running a child sex ring. >> this is being broadcast on pbs in america and around the world.
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reports in the united states say that the man at the heart of the latest underwear bomb plot that they say that they spoiled they say is a double agent. he was working for the cia intelligence when he was given the bomb. >> the would-be bomber, citing american officials, the bomber was a double agents. the saudi intelligence agency.
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they gave him this device to take with him to blow up the plane. he took the underwear bomb. >> this is more complicated and sophisticated than previously thought. >> the young nigerian man tried to block himself up on christmas day, 2009. he failed. this device is described as an upgrade of that bomb. this has two forms of debt nation.
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this is a custom fit device. even if somebody was subjected to a detailed security pat down, it would be very difficult to detect this device. it is being described as being very sophisticated. >> the united nations special envoy is warning that the current peace plan to syria may be the last chance to avoid civil war. the prime minister says that he has lost hope that it will work. the envoy must be deployed to avoid full-scale conflict. >> the un monitoring operation is in full swing. the observers are meant to be policing a ceasefire but does not exist. the president has brought calm
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in places. the assessment is that violence continues at and on -- unacceptable level. the stakes are extraordinarily high. >> it is possibly the only remaining chance to stabilize the country. i am sure i am not telling you any secrets when i tell you that there is a profound concern that the country could descend into civil war. the implications of that are quite frightening. we cannot allow that to happen. >> the violence seems to be shifting rather than stopping. less shelling, but more torture and the arrests. there has been a rise in guerrilla attacks by the opposition. that is why monitors are so
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important. kofi annan has said that they will make some difference. he is for the first time warned that his plan might fail. the government and the rebels can hold their fire for the sake of a country's suffering people. >> at the united nations in new york. >> the president of the american public affairs committee, the group calling for freedom, democracy, and human rights in syria. welcome to bbc news. listening to that, do you agree that this is a last chance for a peace plan to avoid civil war? >> there has been many chances for the syrian regime to cease brutality and violence in the country. he has shown time and again
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that he has no content to stop. he has failed to withdraw military equipment from cities. the bombardment has continued to go on. then he shifts his activities from a military apparatus to a police apparatus wear intelligence areas are killing children and raping women. there is an ongoing violence that is not seen to the eyes of the world. >> you have family and friends inside syria. what do they make of the elections? >> what elections are we talking about? there are no elections in syria. this is a mockery and a farce. it is a disgusting situation described by hillary clinton as
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well as the incoming president of france. more than 200 parliamentary members are elected. 200 of them are shams or personalities are known to the syrian people. these are government-attached politicians. >> where do we go from here? from what you understand, there is violence going on. we do not know about the scale carried out. the last hope was the peace plan that kofi annan put forward. if it does not work, where do we go from here? if it does not work, where do we go from here? >> you have to put teeth int
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o the rhetoric. at the international community has a responsibility to stop the massacres in syria. the international community has a full responsibility to stop this massacre. it is a holocaust on syrian land. we asked the international community to interfere and intervene to put an end to the bloodshed in syria and remove the brutal dictatorship. >> thank you for joining us. the president of american, syria and public affairs calling for freedom and democracy in syria. fallout from the greek election continues to affect the euro. >> that is right.
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there are serious concerns about the future of the single currency. the leader of a left-wing party which opposes austerity measures has been given three days to form a coalition. the party with the most number of votes was not able to form one. if a coalition is not formed, then a fresh election will have to take place. >> another long day of uncertainty. still with no government. this election had delivered a resounding message. >> they did not pay the debts. >> this man may be taking greece in that direction. the anti bailout leader was
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passed by the president to form a coalition government. he probably will not manage. his challenge to the european union is clear. >> the people have voted to tear up the bailout. our national debt should be internationally audited. we demand a fair solution. >> it is unclear whether but brussels or berlin has put any direct pressure on the politicians. he plans to stick to the terms of the bailout deal. it is unclear how any government could be formed. there are days of uncertainty ahead. they will do nothing to calm the nerves in the euro zone. in france, the man that many greeks pin their hopes on commemorating the end of world war ii. the president has vowed to take europe in a different direction.
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few were public cuts that greece is so weary of. more growth. that will not help athens in the immediate terms. there is a chance that greece could sleep walk out of the euro. >> some sort of accident could happen. you have to remember the big picture. the great majority of the people and the political powers, they are very pro european and pro europe. >> in greece, a power shift slowly. they only have weeks to form a government before the next reforms have to be implemented. >> at these two security officials have been killed after
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rebels attacked the office of the prime minister in tripoli. his advisers said that he is safe along with the other people inside the building. our correspondent says that the former rebels' claim is legitimate. >> the government spokesman say s that it initially started in the morning. they were asking about the stipend. they were subsequently suspended due to corruption chlamys. -- claims. the 2 other demands and what was missing from the conflict.
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the situation soon erupted into chaos. 200 men arrived at the scene. some were armed with rocket launchers on the backs of their trucks as well as ak47's. they opened fire first. he described the demands as legitimate. they cannot be met with a gun. that was unacceptable. >> you are watching "newday" on the bbc. we take you behind the scenes of the british parliament. >> we hear the remarkable story of a woman who has completed the london marathon 16 days after the race began.
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the stories look at making headlines in newspapers around the world. the radical left tries to form a coalition government and demand an end to what it calls barbaric austerity plans. a surprising bill between benjamin netanyahu, avoiding the need for early elections. chief executives face where shareholder revolts. they make lackluster performance. there is escalating potential between china and the philippines in a month-long dispute over the china sea. they pay tribute to her, completing the london marathon 16 days after it began despite
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being paralyzed. >> i am in singapore. >> i am in london. a would-be suicide attacker was at in fact a double agent. >> kofi annan tells the u.n. security council that the syrian peace plan may be the last chance to avoid civil war. men in britain have been accused of sexually exploiting teenage girls. the abuse was carried out by asian men on white girls. it was not racially motivated. >> these are some of the nine men who work together to rape and sexually assaulting young girls. luring them with alcohol, cigarettes, and food.
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they abuse the girls on a terrible scale. trafficing them around the north of england. the abuse happened on the streets. >> i condemn them from the highest level. these are the most deplorable in our society. they have been preyed upon by adults that should know better. >> some of the girls have been spending time at this take away. and act as fast food outlet which is also in new hands. they were given alcohol. at least one of them was raped in an upstairs room. >> but he did was evil. >> this girl who cannot be identified was 15 when the abuse began. >> i lost my self-esteem. by the end of it, i had no emotion whatsoever.
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>> the trial attracted the attention of far right groups to protest it because the asians were defendants act and the prosecutors were white. the question about whether this was racially motivated has proven controversial. the police say that race has no bearing on it. others disagree. >> it is obviously a predominantly asian men. my understand that sexual exploitation the involves different backgrounds and of the cities. >> the muslim community has condemned the abuse and says that is important for the whole community to work together. >> it is a phenomenon that goes beyond any community. it is not a local issue.
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it is a global phenomenon. >> the police and the prosecution service have both apologize to one of the victims who told officers what was happening in 2008. the abuse continued. there was the prosecution at the time. teen-age girls we spoke to said that they were more aware of the issue of child exploitation than before. that will be welcomed by the abuse victims that say that they do not want anyone to suffer like they did. >> the queen opens parliament on wednesday. taking part in the proceedings will be the speaker of the house of commons. our correspondent has been here. >> welcome to speakers house. complete with riverside views and. features. -- period features.
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>> there is another longstanding convention. >> bizarrely tucked in the corner is a bed. it is used by knights before their coronation. >> it would contain some disadvantages. i could tell from feeling it that it is a bed that is much more to be looked back at than to be slept in. >> let's hear what the prime minister has to say. >> his high-profile job is to referee the weekly prime minister's questions. >> calm down. >> it has been criticized for being too testosterone fuel.
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>> it is a rather macho atmosphere. on the whole, it is. i think the perk -- female members are perfectly able to fend for themselves. the displays of anger, and patients from time to time are not unhealthy. i do get quite a lot of letters from people that say that i was not impressed by their behavior. i think we have to keep it within some sort of boundary. >> following the scandal of mp expenses, and he wants to stress that he does not live in these grand apartments himself. >> i have got an action portrait. these are our predecessors. each has to go about this in
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their own way. >> not a bad way to put a personal stamp on these rooms. >> at one of the big legacy promises of the 2012 olympic games was to inspire a new generation to take a sport. the games are hoping to do just that. talented youngsters have been competing in london. they take a look at the action. . the tension is the same. rce competition and the tension when things do not work out. this has the feel of a new olympics. they gathered for the games. 12 sports across six different venues in east london. this is where their corn to have
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the olympic table tennis event this summer. it is important for them to get the experience. >> it is quite privileged and overwhelming. they are more focused because of what you are doing. >> it gets you a little more inspiration. you just want to go up and up. >> that is the idea of it all. preparing athletes for when they might represent britain at the olympic games. >> everything that you can do is represented here from drug testing to opening and closing ceremonies to make sure that they have a real test of what competition as like at the highest level. >> all of the competitors get
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free accommodations from the organizers. parents off to the -- often have to pay a lot of money to fund their children's board. >> it is very expensive traveling around. the entry fees, the equipment. this is a really nice change. >> the event has grown dramatically in the last few years. stadium will stage its last public event. >> now to an amazing story of perseverance. a 30-year-old woman that paralyzed from the chest down has crossed the finish line. she lost the use of her legs five years ago after a horse- riding accident. >> she was all smiles today as she stepped over the line of the
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london marathon. it was only minutes before the scale of her achievement hit home. despite being paralyzed from the chest down, she became the first person to walk the 26.2 mile route using the world's first bionics suit. it has been an incredible journey. >> the pavement has been sloped and the hills. each step you take, you are closer to the finish line. >> she had been a professional rider. an accident in 2007 changed her life. she raised 43,000 pounds to buy the bionics suit. before starting the marathon, she had walked less than a mile in it. she set off with 36,000
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competitors. her journey began on the 22nd of april. by the end of day one, she had walked two miles. today, she walked the last mile of an incredible journey. >> what has that meant to you? keeping you going? >> without everyone else, i would not be doing this. >> from this point, about 300 yards before she reaches the finish line. despite that, they cannot give her a medal. according to the rules, she has to finish during the day. runners who finished the course donated their medals to her. >> truly an inspirational story. thanks for being with us. we will see you again soon.
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